Remote Exercise Module

Orthopaedic Care by ConnectedLife Health, Singapore

Designed the module flow, mobile & smartwatch app for patient and web dashboard for clinician & admin in order to monitor the patients remotely.

Project Details

Project Type: Group of 2 designers as a part of Orthopaedic Care app by ConnectedLife Health
Role: Designer – Mobile and smartwatch app, Part of discussion team for backend scoring & labelling of conditions reported by patient, conceptualised character & gifs for exercises.

Duration: 2 weeks for core designing (April 2021)
Tools: Figma, Drawio, Jira


ConnectedLife Health’s Orthopaedic Care platform helps the clinicians to remotely monitor the patients pre and post orthopaedic surgery by providing them a timely schedule and reminders to report their pain or discomfort, take medication, exercise, rest and to stay hydrated. It also uses an AI model to identify the patient’s walking pattern and compare it with an ideal walking pattern with the help of a wearable sensor.

Understanding the Goal
Knowing the Users

Define the User
Designing User Flows
Planning the Sitemap
Conceptualising the Features

Setting the Design Tone
Creating Prototypes
Testing the Prototypes

Final Prototype
Next Steps

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Understanding the Goal

The goal was to create a platform for the clinicians / physiotherapists to assign exercises to the orthopaedic patients successfully and track their progress.

Knowing the User

Who are the users?

A  remote survey was conducted with patients and clinicians to understand their concerns with the current process.

Some user insights

  • Patients are reluctant in visiting the hospitals for follow up during the pandemic
  • Clinicians need to analyse post surgery progress remotely on a day to day basis
  • The handout shared with the patients explaining the exercises, illustrates only a static position and not all the steps
  • Patients are not able to adhere to their exercise schedule and hence the recovery has slowed down


Defining the User

We are catering to multiple users:
1. Patient – who is going to use our mobile & smartwatch application to refer the exercises.

2. Clinician/Physiotherapist – who is going to monitor the patient’s recovery via the dashboard (remotely).

3. Admin – who will assist the clinician to add and schedule the exercises via the web dashboard.

Problem to Solution

Problem #1: Patients need to understand the exercise steps better and clinicians need to check if the patients are adhering to their exercise schedule without any pain/discomfort

Solution #1: Reminders, exercise gifs, post exercise feedback for patients and time tracking for clinicians
Gif created for each exercise along with a start & stop button to record the time taken to do a particular exercise. An option to share a feedback post exercise for the clinician to access the condition better.

Problem #2: Clinicians need to monitor the progress remotely and patients worried about visiting the hospitals for follow up during pandemic.

Solution #2: AI. model integration to analyse the patient’s walking pattern
An AI model tracking the patient’s walking pattern and comparing to an ideal walking pattern was integrated with the help of sensor based wearable device. Patient’s were provided with a short walking schedule multiple times a day in order to gather the required data which was then analysed by the AI model and represented to the clinician.

Designing User Flows

The user flow comprises of the core function of each user and their correlation to each other.

1. Superadmin / admin who adds an exercise to the backend

2. Clinician / physiotherapist who assigns the exercise schedule for the patient

3. Patient who views the exercise on the mobile app and shares feedback / concerns post exercise


Setting the Design Tone

App icon & Design System

The app icon is designed keeping in mind the orthopaedic conditions this app can serve that is knee, hip and shoulder related. Also, combining it with the brand symbol. Shown below is are some snippets from the design system.

Creating Prototype (High Fidelity)

Mobile application
Click here to view the prototype in browser

Creating Prototype (High Fidelity)

Smartwatch Application

Click here to view the prototype in browser

Creating Prototype (High Fidelity)

Web dashboard – Clinician
Click here to view the prototype in browser

Creating Prototype (High Fidelity)

Web dashboard – Admin
Click here to view the prototype in browser



The final prototypes are handed over to the development team along with scenarios mentioned in Jira. We will then have clinical trials based on the new app to gather user feedback.

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